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Cerium Colourimeter

Cerium Colourimeter

What Is Visual Stress?

Do you experience eye strain and headaches when reading? Then you may suffer from visual stress. It can be responsible for light sensitivity and glare, plus the appearance of patterns in text.

What Causes The Visual Stress?

The hypothesis is that visual stress is due to a hyper excitability of neurons in the visual cortex, which causes them to fire inappropriately. In other words these cells work a little too fast and cause disturbances in any text you try to focus on.

Is Visual Stress The Same As Dyslexia?

Visual stress can be due to a number of conditions, including Dyslexia, but they are not the same.

What Are The Symptoms Of Visual Stress?

  • Glare
  • Movement/blurring of print
  • Eye ache
  • Rapid tiring

What Are The Signs Of Visual Stress?

  • Rubbing eyes
  • Increased blink rate
  • Poor concentration
  • Using finger as a marker
  • Low self esteem

What Can Help With Visual Stress?

Scientific research has shown that visual stress from reading can be reduced by colouring the page using spectral filters. These filters are either placed directly over the page (known as coloured overlays), or they are worn in Spectacles (Precision Tints).

How Can I Get Coloured Lenses?

The colour of the lenses can only be assessed by using The Intuitive Colorimeter, which uses a larger range of colour combinations than those used with the overlay assessment. This gives a more accurate colour specific to each patient.

Where Can I Get Assessed For Coloured Lenses?

All you need to do is to book in for a eye examination with us. The eye examination will check for eye muscle problems and the need for spectacles. After the eye examination we can carry out a test using the Intuitive Colorimeter. The results are normally instant. If needed, the coloured lenses can be ordered to suit.

Can You Have Perfect Eyesight And Still Experience Visual Stress?

Yes, perfect eyesight means you can read all the letters on the chart without glasses and both of your eyes work together in the way they should. Visual stress can come from a binocular anomaly, but this will be corrected before any colour is used. If visual stress is still occurring after all binocular problems have been fixed then the cause is likely not due to the eyes, but the visual cortex part of the brain. Colour is likely to help in these cases.

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