Clinical Eye Care

“In a milli-second they capture images and transfer these images to your brain for evaluation and storage. Take a moment to picture a loved one, a favourite place or stunning vista in your mind’s eye. This is the miracle of sight as all of these cherished memories were originated by your eyes”

At Pabari Opticians we have been dedicated, for more than 30 years, in providing our patients with the very highest standard of eye-care. This means monitoring and maintaining the health of your eyes as well as the clarity of your vision.

And in order for us to keep doing this now, and into the future, we believe investing money and time in some of the most advanced clinical technology possible.

What does this mean for our patients? With the advances in this technology we are now able to perform additional tests / procedures, which include.

All these additional test / procedures help us to try to give our patients the best possible eye care.