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Varilux Any Distance Lenses

Varilux Any Distance Lenses

How do they work?

Multifocal lenses help people see clearly across all distances, without the need to switch glasses. An alternative to bifocals, they correct refractive errors like presbyopia.

What are progressive lenses?

A channel (or corridor) of different lens powers runs down the front of a progressive lens. This seamless channel allows the wearer to look up to see objects at a distance, look straight ahead to see objects at middle distance, and down to read or do other close-up activities without changing glasses.

What are the benefits?

Progressive lenses provide a seamless graduation of lens strength. This avoids the jump in vision a wearer gets with bifocals, and actually trains the eye to improve vision.

Powered by its breakthrough new Xtend technology, Varilux Xclusive 4D extends your vision like never before.

4 reasons to wear Varilux lenses.

Discover five compelling reasons to take advantage of the leading innovations in the Varilux product range.

1. Clear vision at any distance

Near or far, the Varilux range gives you clear vision whatever the distance.

2. Total comfort in any task

Whether at work with a computer, using a smartphone or tablet screen, or simply reading the news paper, the Varilux range provides total comfort.

3. Dynamic vision steady in motion

Great for sports and staying active, the Varilux range allow you to see perfectly – even in motion. Lenses are tailored to your visual behaviour.

4. Quick adaptation

All Varilux lenses are tested and approved by wearers to ensure your satisfaction, including fast and easy adaptation. With Varilux lenses adaptation is guaranteed. If you are new to Varilux, try our training exercises to ensure you get the most out of your new varifocal lenses.

Inspired By You, Powered By More Than 55 Years Of Innovation

Varilux research and development team puts you first, using a unique process named LiveOptics. It combines the latest optical research with observation and testing by glasses wearers in their daily lives.

To ensure your entire satisfaction, Varilux Xclusive 4D lenses were conceived with 2,742 glasses wearers across the world. Varilux new lens generation gets stunning results through this process.

What Our Patients Say

“I’ve been going to the team at Pabaris for more than 10 years and really wouldn’t go anywhere else again. Nothing is too much trouble and the range of glasses is fantastic” – Mrs L Cooper

“Pabaris is a very welcoming opticians. They always go the extra mile in making sure you understand any technical jargon. To top this off, they stock a fantastic selection of great looking brands, meaning you feel confident both going in, and coming out of Pabari Opticians" – Mr B Hodges

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