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At Pabari Opticians we pride ourselves in providing the best eye care and luxury eyewear

An independently-run family practice  

Over the last 30 years the practice has benefited from ongoing investment into the latest innovations in optical technology, and this is set to continue!

The main ethos of our practice is to treat each patient as a true individual, and to continually maintain the highest standards of professional eye care by tailoring our eye examinations and bespoke spectacle dispensing to each individual patient.

We have strived to be the best Opticians in Birmingham by staying true to our beliefs in offering a friendly, professional and caring service. Our emphasis on quality extends into every area of our service, from eye testing, helping you choose the right frame and spectacle lenses to suit your specific needs

Proud of our 30 year history.

Over the last 30 years the practice has benefited from ongoing investment into the latest innovations in optical technology, and this is set to continue!

Meet the Team

Mukesh Pabari

Bsc (Hons) Optometry, MCOPTOM

Optometrist & Owner

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Mukesh Pabari has been a qualified optometrist, since 1984 and has continually provided the highest standard of care since the very beginning. His vision has always been to have a local independent practice in the heart of Moseley, and has worked hard to maintain an exceptionally high standard of care for many years for all his patients.

He has a great relationship with many of our patients, who have been visiting him at this very practice for over 30 years. In addition to this, he is a member of the College of Optometrists, General Optical Council and British Contact Lens Association. He has also successfully completed the Diabetic Screening Diploma in 2009.

Amisha Pabari

B (Optom) Hons, MCOPTOM, Prof Cert (Med Ret), Prof Cert (Glaucoma)


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Amisha Pabari qualified as an optometrist in 2019 and has been an integral part of Pabari Opticians since. She has previously worked at Birmingham Midland Eye Hospital and a Specialist Optometrist post at Cardiff University Hospital.

She has finished her Professional Certificates in Medical Retina and Glaucoma, and is currently working towards completing the Independent Prescribing Course and Higher Certificate of Medical Retina at Moorfields Hospital. She is also a member of the College of Optometrists and General Optical Council.


Practice Manager & Optical Dispenser

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Bradley is our Practice Manager. He has been part of our team for over ten years, and has a wealth of experience and vast knowledge of frame designs and lenses, particularly our bespoke Lindberg frames



Dispensing Optician

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Robina graduated with a diploma in Ophthalmic Dispensing and qualified in 2020, becoming a fellow of the Association of British Dispensing. She has been in the Optical industry for over 20 years and has been part of our team since November 2022. She has gained a broad scope of knowledge in the industry. She has extensive specialist expertise in ophthalmic lenses, frames, and bespoke eye-wear and remains at the forefront of any technical and complex lenses.


Optical Dispenser

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Danielle has been part of the Pabari Opticians team since 2016 and has been in the optical industry for nearly ten years. She has a significant amount of experience in the dispensing field and specializes in particularly in focimetry.

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Eye care

We understand the importance of your eye health. How well you can see and how good you look really matters to you, and it really matters to us too.

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Eye Health

The health of your eyes is important to us and make no mistake, it can start to deteriorate well before you notice a change in your vision.

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Eye Test

Prioritise your well-being with optimal eye health. Regular exams not only ensure clear vision but also detect potential health issues. At Pabari, we're committed to preserving your sight.

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OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography)

OCT allows us to take a 3D image of the back of your eye to help spot serious eye conditions, including glaucoma, up to four years earlier than traditional methods.

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Optomap Imaging

Optomap is an advanced retinal imaging technology that captures a wide-angle view of the retina without dilation.

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Colourimetry enhances visual comfort by determining optimal colour preferences for individuals. It aids in mitigating visual stress, reducing discomfort, and improving overall visual perception.

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Myopia Management

Managing Short Sightedness in Kids.

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Specialised Contact Lens Fitting

Being able to fit specialised contact lens.

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Advanced Vision Accuracy (AVA)

This cutting-edge eye testing method provides an ultra-precise prescription.

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Childrens Eye Examination

Your child’s vision is a crucial aspect of their social and educational development, often overlooked without proper attention.

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Corneal Topography

Fitting Specialised Contact lenses.

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Our products

We stock quality eyewear from and use the most advanced individual lenses on the market.

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Designer Eyewear

Explore our curated collection of stylish designer eyewear, blending fashion and functionality for a sophisticated and personalised visual experience.

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Bespoke Lenses

Experience superior vision with our high-quality bespoke Essilor lenses. Crafted for clarity and comfort, these lenses ensure optimal visual performance and eye protection.

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Contact Lenses

Explore the convenience of our contact lens variety, ensuring clear vision and comfort tailored to your lifestyle for a seamless ocular journey.

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