Childrens Eye Examination

Your child’s vision is a crucial aspect of their social and educational development, often overlooked without proper attention.

At Pabari Opticians, we understand the responsibility we hold in safeguarding your child's eyesight.

While basic eye checks may be conducted during early development, they often lack the thoroughness of examination provided by qualified eye specialists. Undetected sight issues can manifest as behavioral problems or learning difficulties in children, frequently attributed to other factors due to children's inability to articulate their symptoms effectively.

Conditions such as amblyopia (lazy eye) or squint, if left undiagnosed, can compromise a child's vision in the long run. That's why were commend comprehensive eye tests for children before they commence schooling, ensuring optimal visual health throughout their educational journey.

During a children's eye exam at Pabari Opticians, we understand the importance of creating a comfortable environment for young patients. Our specialised testing charts feature familiar pictures and characters, alleviating any anxiety your child may experience in an unfamiliar setting.

Rest assured, our Optometrists are adept at assessing your child's prescription and eye health accurately, even without verbal responses.In some cases, we may use eye drops to relax your child's eyes for a more precise examination, a procedure discussed with you by the Optometrist as needed.

At Pabari Opticians, we offer a dedicated range of children's glasses, ensuring not only excellent vision but also stylish frames that your child will love. Trust us to provide the same level of accuracy and care for your child's eyes as we do for our adult patients, making their visual journey a successful one.

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